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    About Us


    About Camp

    Camp is all about making friends and learning to cut one's own path through life’s journey. Here at Frontier campers live in cabin groups of six campers and two counselors. Together they grow in their friendships, often making lifelong bonds. At Frontier we believe in communicating our Gospel Message and allowing young people to form their own opinions and to make their own choices.

    Camp is also about having adventures and learning new things. That’s what makes it fun. We are all about fun - whether it’s swimming in the lake, boating in a kayak, shooting a bow, looking for bears, dressing up in an outrageous costume for dinner or simply playing a game of tether ball Frontier is about doing things you've never done before or getting better at the things you already know about.

    Our Story

    Frontier Lodge started in 1936 on a rented facility in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. These first intrepid campers and counselors under the direction of Dr. Arthur Hill laid the foundation for seventy years of ongoing ministry to the young people of Quebec. In 1946 the camp moved to its permanent home on the shores of Lake Wallace. Committed to helping young people grow Spiritually, Mentally and Physical has always been and continues to be the mission of Frontier Lodge. 

    Our Mission

    With its roots in the Brethren Assemblies, Frontier Lodge has always operated as a Christian Youth Camp. We are non-denominational in our scope and are concerned more with the sharing of God and His creation with our young people. We believe in exhibiting the Gospel through Action, through Word and through Deed. This takes place in our daily chapel time as we sing, hear and celebrate the Gospel message, it takes place in the way we treat one another and in how we interact, it takes place in what we do each and every day.


    Our Team

    Frontier Lodge operates as a non-denominational, nonprofit Summer camp under the direction of a Board of Directors. The camp is under the administration of a General Director and each individual camp is directed by a volunteer Program Director while cabins and campers are supervised by a group of counselors.


    General Directors - Richard Cameron & Patricia Mosher

    A few years ago you would have found us in different jobs. Rich had been working supervising tree-planting camps for thirteen years in northern BC while Trish was working in the office of her family business that was built on farming and trucking the past 14 years. Even though we enjoyed our jobs we felt it was time to leave. We were wanting to do something together but just unsure as to what that would be. It was in the Spring of 2016 that the opportunity came for Frontier Lodge. There were people who were involved in Frontier Lodge who have had an impact in Rich’s life and recognizing this and the opportunity before us we are now looking forward to serving the Lord in the capacity of the General Directors role. We are hoping to continue providing an environment where campers can experience God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness while cultivating a personal relationship with HIM. We believe God has a reason for bringing all of us together and we look forward to how God is going to work in all our lives and shape them this summer. We all bring different gifts and abilities and we hope we can all recognize that in each other so we can work together in serving the Lord.

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    Assistant Director - Jennifer Hay

    After my first year as a camper in 2001, I never thought I would return to camp; I spent the week missing my family and wanting to go home. Now after coming to camp every summer, like many others, Frontier Lodge has become my home away from home.

    Over the years I've had the opportunity to transition from camper to staff member, seeing and experiencing the Lord at work first hand, in all aspects of camp life. He has used camp as a means of inspiring my desire to live a life of service in ministry, and to begin equipping me for my journey with Him.

    After serving as Ministry Administrator at Westview Bible Church (Pierrefonds, QC) for a year and a half, I was presented with an exciting opportunity at camp. In May 2017, I began my new position with Rich and Trish as their Year-Round Assistant Director.

    I’m excited for the opportunity to continue working with Rich and Trish in developing a program that inspires and equips children, youth, and young adults to recognize Christ as their Saviour and to know Him more intimately. I’m looking forward to revisiting how we do staff training, and developing a more comprehensive leadership training program that would engage youth throughout the year, and equip them to further impact their own communities at home. There’s no place quite like a summer camp, that enables the unique growing and stretching that happens in the removed environment. My hope is that Frontier Lodge will help shape leaders who will reflect who Christ is and the scandalous grace He has shown us, so that anyone we connect with, whether at camp or away from camp, will experience the overwhelming love of Christ and a deep sense of worth and belonging.

    Board of Directors


    Jon Stymiest

    (Westview Bible Church - Montreal)


    Peter Brereton

    (Bethel Chapel - Montreal)


    Kevin Smith

    (Hope Community Church - Sherbrooke)


    Ronald Drew

    (Hope Community Church - Sherbrooke)


    Dr. Robert Paulette

    (Grace Chapel - Sherbrooke )


    Heather Hay

    (Westview Bible Church - Montreal)


    Fiona March

    (Faith Community Church - Montreal)


    Cathy Hortop

    (Hope Community Church - Sherbrooke)

    the campground

    Brent Cullen

    (Bethel Chapel - Montreal)



    Frontier Lodge

    1406 Rte. 141

    St. Hermenegilde,

    Quebec J0B 2WO







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