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  • Eligibility Requirements

    The nominee must meet some or all of the following characteristics

    Strong character and spiritual commitment: affects others and is not affected by others

    Genuine concern for others: others look to him/her for guidance or just to listen and encourage

    Committed to serving: goes above and beyond what is expected, meets and exceeds expectations

    Good-natured, of good humor: takes an active role in camp life beyond duties

    Leadership: is involved in the building up of disciples

    The nominee must have been on staff at Frontier Lodge at least one year prior

    There is no age or position requirement. Any member of the staff is eligible for nomination for the award. The award is made in addition to, and not tied to, any other financial considerations and arrangements that Frontier Lodge has with the nominees.

    The bursary can be used for anything, however there is an expectation that it be used for educational purposes

    While there is no requirement that this bursary be used for educational purposes, there is an expectation that it will be. This may or may not have a part to play in the consideration  of nominees.