Hello World!

Trish and I just want to welcome you to the new official Frontier Lodge Christian Youth Camp Facebook page. We also wanted to give a big thank you to the board members, our friends and family, and all those who pray for camp or who come lend a hand for making this a special year. Most of all, we want to thank the 2016 staff who were the heartbeat of camp and kept us going. You were inspiring as we watched you get up every morning to invest into the lives of others and to communicate a Gospel that is so precious to us all.

Looking forward…2017 should also be a big one as there are lots of things happening. We are planning to build a new girls bathroom, renovate the top of the Arthur Hill building to accommodate a growing day camp, and to tear down and re-build a new motel for staff housing. These are all being done to facilitate a better, safer, and healthier working environment to be able to minister more effectively. We are also launching a new website in January that will contain staff applications along with early bird discount rates for registration next year.

If you are thinking of being on staff next summer I would encourage you to look at Luke 1:26-38 to get a glimpse of the person God chooses to work with. The humble setting of Jesus’ birth not only reveals the nature of God’s plan, it also reveals the character of God’s heart. God loves those who are humble in spirit. Even His Son, as the King of Israel, the Promised One, is born of a humble, country maiden. This example of God’s unpretentiousness is an attitude that we as His children should possess. God shows His greatness by working with anyone who is willing to be used by Him. God can do great things through those who entrust the journey with Him to his care.

Mary reflects the proper response of anyone who has been called by God with no credentials other than availability and a responsive heart. She is the Lord’s servant, and so are we, if we know Him. God’s servants have the right attitude and perspective to accomplish great things for Him if they say “Use me as you will.” Behind the availability to service is an attitude that trusts God for direction and enablement. God has called all believers to minister to the body (Eph 4:7-16), and He does not call us to a task He will not prepare us to perform. Luke wants us not to just see Mary as the humble mother of Jesus, but also as an example of faith. Mary paints a portrait of going wherever God leads, knowing that He will supply whatever is lacking.

If you have a desire or hunger to grow in your faith, to grow in understanding a fuller gospel, and to grow in wisdom in sharing who you put your trust in, then I ask you to prayerfully consider over this Christmas season a staff position at FL next summer.

We also have positions for those who just want to come, serve and explore their faith.

We will be posting staff applications when the new website is up and you can check it out.

Trish and I (Trixie and Timber) would like to wish you a Christmas season where you see the Prince of Peace in your life.

Rich and Trish Cameron