Winter Update

Here is just a quick update as to what is happening at Frontier Lodge this Winter/Spring. Please pray for wisdom in all decisions and preparations that are made in anticipation of what the Lord will do through FL this coming Summer.

Building Projects

Staff Housing

Presently we are renovating the basement of Harple where the former girls bathroom was. We are making room for an additional 12 beds along with 2 individual bathrooms. Hopefully to be completed by the beginning of March. This will provide more space and hopefully more rest for the female staff during the summer!

Girls Bathroom

The new girls bathroom was started last Fall with the sceptic installation and piers put in the ground. This coming week will be the start of building the frame. We are hoping for the majority of construction to be completed by mid March, with just the hookup of plumbing left to do by the end of April/mid-May. This facility will be a welcome addition!


Staff Applications

Lots of applications are coming in! It is very encouraging, as it helps us move forward with the planning of staff structure and staff development. We are really looking forward to who we will be serving with this coming summer! We are planning new learning opportunities that will assist in the area of discipleship and place us all in a context designed for growth. The deadline to apply for a summer service position is March 1st.


Staff Winter Camp – March 24-25th

This weekend is one of the new additions to the Frontier Lodge calendar. It is geared towards last years staff, as well as some of our new 2018 staff. We are anticipating a time of bonding and fun, while looking at a Biblical perspective as to how we should think and act as a staff united in Christ. Only one month away!


Clean Up Days – May 5th and May 12th

We are looking for volunteers who are able to come and provide help on one of these weekends (or both!) in order to prepare for Summer 2018. This will include preparing the grounds, sweeping out cabins, getting the kitchen ready, opening the waterfront etc. We may also have a couple of small construction projects available for those with some building skills. Mark your calendars!


Young Adults Weekend Retreat – May 18th – 21st

Another new addition to the Frontier calendar! We have partnered with Hope Community Church in starting Pursuit, a weekend retreat for young adults (anyone between the ages of 18-30 years). The aim is to provide and create community for young adults from many different churches and backgrounds to come together in their pursuit of a life identified in Christ.


Family Camp – June 22nd – 25th

This will be the second year in a row that Family Camp will be offered in recent years. It was a huge success last year, with roughly 150 people attending. Led by Jon & Becky Stymiest and Amy & Daylen Dueck, this is a great way to introduce your kids to camp while experiencing family oriented fun and meaningful Bible teaching.


Staff Training

This will be an intensive week designed to equip our staff. We will be partnering with individuals who are experienced and educated in the field, to better equip us in leading individual and group activities, ranging from games to cabin devotions. This will help us to actively engage campers so that they know they are valued. We will also deal with issues such as abuse, anxiety, and depression. Most importantly, we will be re-visiting the Gospel and looking at why we do what we do at Frontier Lodge. We look forward to a time of growth for us all!


The above just takes us up to our Summer camp season. At that point Day Camp and Residential Camps will be starting up. We will have updates on those camps at a later date. Thank you for reading, and please join us as we continue to pray for Frontier Lodge’s ministry in Quebec, so you too, can be a part of what God is doing through camp.