Are You Involved?

It has been nearly two years since my involvement as a Director at Frontier Lodge (June 1st 2016).  I must confess I was ignorant to the level of impact and influence that FL has had in countless lives, churches, and communities.

However, as I meet people I am continuing to gain an appreciation for how precious FL is to those that have encountered God there.  Many have been introduced to Jesus at camp.  Many have developed/discovered gifts and abilities at camp.  Many have seen their faith grow.  Many have offered themselves in service through FL because of what Christ has done for them.  We strive to continue building on what others have done before us in our stewardship of FL.

In the last 12 months people have offered their labor, gifts, money, time, or partnered with FL to add camps that engage families (Family Camp), young adults (Pursuit), and staff (Staff Winter Camp, attending Development Conferences, and Special Events).  They have also helped FL to rebuild the motel (boys staff housing), to renovate Arthur Hill (provides an indoor/outdoor building facilitating the Day Camp ministry), the basement of Harple (removing old bathroom, adding dorms, and new bathrooms for the girls), and presently building a new seasonal bathroom for the girls.

 A new website has been designed and built to process applications, medical forms, and make payments and donations easier. There are new school groups coming in June, new church groups in May, June, August, and September, and more campers. In fact our seasonally expanding May-Sept calendar has one open weekend available in September. Also, this coming year there will be a more intentional and intensive training week as we bring in Life Teams from BC to aid us in our training and discipleship of staff. Jennifer Hay (Full Time Assistant Director) has also started working year round as the ministry opportunities of FL continues to expand.

We would like FL to continue to develop an atmosphere of discipleship. Three areas we are hoping to develop in the near future is an internship program (Fall 2018), a weekly program specifically aimed at our Day Camp kids in Coaticook (Fall 2018), and add a Leader in Training program for 2019.

The Lord is working through us all to reach His own. We want camp to be a place where everyone recognizes AWESOMENESS. What is AWESOMENESS? It’s God’s unstoppable salvation plan. God is on a rescue mission and this is the weekend we celebrate this. Our goal is to tell the story of this rescue mission with the hope we all place our faith in Christ, who occupies the center of creation and salvation. As we identify with Christ and our place in the body of Christ we will find our purpose and identity as we recognize who we were created and saved to be. We as Directors want to be a part of it and are offering ourselves as He sees fit to use us for His glory.

As you are linked to our FB page or are on our email list we already know that you want to be kept up as to what is going on or how you can participate in FL’s ministry. So, we are letting you know. If FL has had an impact, influence, or helped you to recognize His AWESOMENESS, or if you simply want to participate in what God is doing through FL, then here are several opportunities we would ask you to prayerfully consider.

The first is through prayer. On our Support page we have listed several areas of prayer for this coming season. We would also love to know you are praying for us. If you are, please let us know by sending an email to and we will keep you informed of the latest items we are praying through as we seek the Lord’s direction.

Secondly, we are looking to raise $30,000+ in yearly ongoing donations to facilitate the ongoing and upcoming ministry. This translates into 100 people donating an average of $25 per month. For support of either prayer, finances, or both, go to

Lastly, another and important way you can serve the Lord through FL is helping with camp opening or closing. The first two Saturdays in May are our camp opening days. Lots of jobs are available from sweeping, painting, cooking, washing, building/renovating, and landscaping. We can certainly use your help and if you are willing please let us know at

It’s been a wonderful journey discovering what the Lord has done through so many people and 18 acres on beautiful Lake Wallace for over 80 years. I thank the Lord for what He has allowed us to be part of and look forward to what He has in store.

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your day to read this… It is appreciated.

Richard Cameron
General Director