Ministry Update – December 2020

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
This is everything. And because this is everything, I lack nothing.
People who say such things, and increasingly mean them, know the most important truth in life: God is enough. In the darkest of days, this God, our God, my God, the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is enough.
Everything in him is mine. And everything is mine in him.
Everything in me is his. And everything is his in me.
The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

The above is a quotation from J.D. Walt reflecting on the first verse of Psalm 23. This past summer with our staff we used Psalm 23 to reflect on what we had studied together. Going into our summer, we were not able to do what we had originally planned- which was to run our normal summer camps. Upon closure of our camps, one thing we did was take the opportunity before us to spend time with 6-8 of our summer coordinators for 6 weeks. We decided to focus a deeper look at the overarching story of the Bible.

We spent mornings and evenings in readings, video, reflection, discussion, and prayer. The reason was to have a fuller understanding of the story of God. To see our history as part of Israel’s history. To see God working behind the scenes to shape the most wondrous story. A story of restoration with His creation. One that sees all His promises come to fruition in the person of Jesus. To make our “good news” the good news that Jesus told, which was that the Kingdom has arrived, He is the King, and that if we trust in Him, we will find forgiveness of sins, and become a new creation living under His reign, in His Kingdom. A kingdom shaped by peace and justice, rooted in love. It is this vision that we want to see come to our families, towns, cities, and our province! So, together, through Word and Spirit, we took time to get to know God’s story, His character, to let it shape and transform our lives…and hopefully be able to increasingly say “The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing”.

According to them, some of the takeaways for these leaders was the opportunity to learn, share, be vulnerable, and grow together in a safe environment. It was a time to solidify faith. See how the biblical stories are threaded together. A recognition that they have been saved into a community. That salvation is first personal, but always communal. Also, a deeper understanding of how the Spirit works in our lives and that we are a new creation!

I have to say, I have thought about this exceptional group daily since they left. They come to mind in prayer, in readings, or just simply when I look at the waterfront and remember them laughing, making their way from water skiing to the evening session. I felt very blessed to live life for a few weeks with Sam, Caleb, Kevin, Zosia, Charlotte, Emma, Emma, and Emma (Yes, there were three Emma’s)! This winter they have influence from PEI to BC, and south to Texas. They bring light to the darkness. Please pray with me that the Lord will continue to shape and transform their lives as they live out His vision for this world!

Day Camp Family Visits:
While the leaders were with us, they took time praying for our campers and other staff that were not able to be with us. They were missed and you could see and hear it in their prayers and conversation. As the Day Campers are close in proximity, the staff reached out to them and did a “drive-by” visit for a few minutes with those whose families felt safe to do so. The leaders took the time to make a handmade card for each of our Day Campers to encourage them with a personalized message. The campers were so happy to see them!

Facility Projects:
With the help of the above group, this summer saw several projects completed. We were able to re-surface our kitchen floor and install some new NSF storage racks. In normal summers, our kitchen will serve over 400 meals per day with peak season serving 500-700 meals. This project enables the kitchen to be more functional and professional.
As our tractor shed was looking quite rough, with leftover materials, we took time to rebuild with additional storage capacity!

We also did a lot of brush clearing!

The third and last stage of renovation for Harpel is now complete (new siding). During the winter months, families can rent Harpel and make use of the campgrounds. The house can hold between 14-20 people if necessary.

Finally, due to many years of erosion we installed a new retaining wall along the waterfront. This will protect against high water and ice flow in the spring. It will also give us more room to set up chairs, a gazebo, and BBQ as everyone loves to spend time on the waterfront!

A new year-round staff member:
With help of government funding, we are very thankful we were able to bring Benjamin Canzani on full-time for this year. Ben knows Frontier well as he has been volunteering his time at camp for many years and recently completed his degree in engineering. Frontier has 30 buildings on site, the grounds, waterfront (docks/boats), mechanical, water, heating, plumbing, and camp wide internet systems to maintain. Trying to stay ahead of everything in the summer season is difficult. So, having someone year-round has been and will be a huge blessing. In this season, it has been wonderful to have Ben facilitate the upkeep and improvements around camp.

Alumni Visits:
This summer we had several alumni visit camp. One couple was Wilf and Connie. They walked into the rec hall and told the story of exactly where they were standing and sitting when they met at a young adult’s camp in 1960. They have now been married 60 years and they are serving with Bright Hope For Tomorrow Mission. It was special to have them return for a visit and share their story. Before they left, they took time to pray for Frontier- it was a powerful and a great reminder of God’s faithfulness, even when you do not know the future. I shouldn’t be, but I am still amazed at the way the Lord has used Frontier over the decades!

Evolving Facility:
If you follow us on FB or Instagram, you will have seen posts of pictures from camps previously held as far back as the 1940’s! You may have noticed over time things changed. Open fields had trees planted in them. Older buildings have been renovated…several renovations for some! Over more time, buildings such as the dining hall and bathrooms were replaced, as well as new buildings like the Paulette Welcome Center were erected. Although the mission has remained the same, one constant at camp is that the facility continues to evolve.

This past spring, we were approached by several donors to gift us a gymnasium! The final design and location are in its final stages. The new building will enhance our program for indoor recreation, and it will also be the largest place on site to hold gatherings. As camps continue to grow this is becoming essential as we have had to move some gatherings into the dining hall due to lack of space. There should also be some extra features that will continue to cultivate small group settings. We are very thankful for this gift and aim to have the project complete in 2021!

Golf tournament:
In October, we held our annual Frontier Cup. It is a golf tournament that raises money for camper scholarships. It was a fantastic way to help close-out the year, while at the same time looking forward to the next camp season. This year we had 53 participants! Thank you to all those involved!

More Thank You’s!
We want to say thank you to Anka from Power to Change for spending two weeks with us this past summer. She is gifted in leading discussions and had a great impact in various ways for us all!

Lastly, we want to say thank you to all those that have given financially this past year. Through you, the Lord has sustained us and enabled us in this opportunity to build into His people and build for the future.

Presently, we are anticipating next summer! We look forward to seeing familiar faces as well as new ones when we hopefully return safely to our normal summer camp programs. We also look forward in anticipation as to what God will do! He will be at work just as He was this past summer!

Thank you for your support,
Richard Cameron, General Director

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