Frequently Asked Questions


You can request for your child to be in the same cabin as their friend by indicating this request when prompted during the online registration process. Camp is so much fun with friends, but also a great place to meet new ones, so no worries if you don’t know anyone else who is going!

We provide bus transportation to and from camp every week from the West Island of Montreal (St-Hubert BBQ – 2939 Boul. St-Charles, Kirkland QC). For more information about our bus, and to register for a spot, please visit our Transportation page.

Some families prefer to register by phone or in person, and that’s okay. We completely understand. To set up a meeting, please contact our office by email at: *Please note that depending where you live, it may be difficult to meet in person during the winter months.

About Frontier Lodge

Frontier Lodge is a Christian Youth Camp that welcomes campers from all backgrounds. We are non-denominational in our scope and are concerned more with the sharing of God and His creation with our young people. We believe in exhibiting the Gospel through Action, through Word and through Deed. This takes place in our daily chapel time as we sing, hear and celebrate the Gospel message, it takes place in the way we treat one another and in how we interact, it takes place in what we do each and every day.

Health & Safety

Our kitchen has a set menu that we follow all summer. We have a variety of options available at each meal. If your child requires special food for a gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, vegan diet or another diet, parents are asked to send the camper to camp with supplemental food for the week.

Lice can sometime be identified in campers arriving at camp. In an effort to prevent the spread of lice at camp, we perform a head-check on every camper at check-in on Sunday afternoon. If any lice are found, the children must be treated ASAP. If the camper arrived with a family member, that individual will be responsible for the lice treatment. If the camper arrived by bus, a staff member will likely take care of the treatment in the infirmary. 

We encourage families to check their children’s head for lice before sending them to camp. 

FL Traditions

We celebrate camper birthdays with singing and cake! The birthday boy/girl will be sung “Happy Birthday” in the Dinning Hall at supper time, and they will be presented with a homemade cake for the whole cabin to celebrate together!

On Friday night, we celebrate the week with a Banquet! Although most of the week is spent dressing up in silly clothes, this is the night that we dress up in fancy clothes. Girls usually wear dresses & skirts or clean pants and a top. Boys usually wear pants and a dress shirt if they have one. Banquet is when we find out which cabins won the title of “Super Cabin” for the week, and we enjoy a special supper together in the decorated Dinning Hall. Please send your child with special clothes for the banquet if possible. 

The Tuck Shop is our camp store. The Tuck shop is open each afternoon in between activities for campers to buy items. Our store is always stocked full with snacks, drinks, freezer treats for hot days, and a variety of Frontier Lodge memorabilia.

Cabin Life

At Frontier Lodge, we value the campers’ safety. There is always a minimum of one counselor sleeping in the cabin with the campers at all times. More often, we have a Jr Counselor sleeping in the cabin with them as well.

Our staff will provide laundry services for campers as needed (ex. bed-wetting, or if all their clothes become wet or full of mud, etc). Campers who are attending two consecutive weeks of camp should have their laundry washed at home on the weekend.

If your child does not particularly enjoy a specific activity, we don’t force them to participate! We value each camper’s individual preferences and interests. We sometimes have a few campers who are not interested in participating in the same activity as the others, and we understand this can happen for many different reasons. These campers are encouraged to get involved by helping the leaders, keeping score, or cheering on their team.

Frontier Lodge is not responsible for loss of a child’s item. However, we do try our best to keep camper’s belongings together. This is made easier when parents label all their children’s items. If you discover your child has lost or forgotten an item at camp, please contact our office by email at: We will try to locate the item, and if it is found, we can arrange to have it send home on the bus or send it to you by mail (at your own cost).

Financial Aid

We do provide a Sibling Discount to assist in making camp more affordable for families with many children. Here is what we offer for families with multiple children:

1st child = Full price
2nd child = 20% off
3rd child = 50% off
4th child = 50% off
5th child = 50% off

For the discount to be applied, families must register all their children at the same time. The discounts will be applied at checkout.

*Our sibling discount cannot be combined with our Early Bird discount, or any other type of scholarship/discount.

Scholarships are made available through our James Wilson Scholarship Fund and the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (English MEES Scholarship letter 2017). *Please note that to be eligible for a scholarship from MEES, you must provide a copy of your Notice of Assessment from the current year. Families who would like to apply for a scholarship should contact our camp office ( to find out how to request a scholarship.

Families who would like to spread the cost of camp across multiple payments will be able to do so through our new online registration system. Upon checkout, the system will provide prompting for how to pay in multiple installments. *This does not apply to the February Early Bird discount which must be paid in full.