Frequently Asked Questions

Do staff members sleep in cabins with campers?

At Frontier Lodge, we value the campers’ safety. There is always a minimum of one counselor sleeping in the cabin with the campers at all times. More often, we have a Leader in Training sleeping in the cabin with them as well.

Do you have a camp store?

Our camp store is called the Tuck Shop. The Tuck shop is open each afternoon in between activities for campers to buy items. The Tuck Shop is always stocked full with candies, snacks, drinks, freezer treats for hot days, and a variety of Frontier Lodge memorabilia.

Do you provide laundry services?

We do not provide laundry services for campers throughout the week, except in the case of bed-wetting or sickness. Campers attending two consecutive weeks of camp will be required to do their laundry at home over the weekend before returning to camp.

Can I make a cabin mate request for my child?

You can definitely make a cabin mate request! We encourage you, on your registration form, to indicate any of your child’s friends who will be attending camp during the same week. Camp is so much fun with friends, but also a great place to meet new ones, so no worries if you don’t know anyone else who is going!

What if my child does not like a game or activity?

If your child does not particularly enjoy a specific activity, we don’t force them to participate! We value each camper’s individual preferences and interests. We sometimes have a few campers who are not interested in participating in the same activity as the others, and we understand this can happen for many different reasons. We often have these campers get involved by helping the leaders, keeping score, or cheering on their team.

If the camp I want my child to attend is full, how do I get on a waiting list?

If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please send us an email at

Frontier Lodge is a Christian camp. What does this mean for my child’s camp experience?

Frontier Lodge is a Christian Youth Camp that welcomes campers from all backgrounds. We are non-denominational in our scope and are concerned more with the sharing of God and His creation with our young people. We believe in exhibiting the Gospel through Action, through Word and through Deed. This takes place in our daily chapel time as we sing, hear and celebrate the Gospel message, it takes place in the way we treat one another and in how we interact, it takes place in what we do each and every day.

Where are the pickup and drop off points, should I choose to send my child to camp or have them brought home by bus?

We provide bus transportation to and from camp every week from the West Island of Montreal (St-Hubert BBQ - 2939 Boul. St-Charles, Kirkland QC). For more information about our bus, and to register for a spot, please visit our Transportation page.