Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The safety of your child at Frontier Lodge is the number one priority. There are several programs in place to ensure that not only will your child have a great camp experience but also remain safe. Initially, potential staff are screened via application, references, and a criminal background check. Secondly, our staff are required to take a week training course prior to the camp season. This course ensures our staff know what proper conduct between staff and campers look like. It also details the proper procedures and protocols when dealing with children and youth in sensitive situations. Third, new counselors begin their first year with us under a senior counselor. Most of our senior counselors have graduated from the junior counselor position. At every chapel, activity, meal, and wide game, campers are accounted for by their counselor. Lastly, every morning at our meeting we discuss how the campers are adapting ranging from friends, behavior, eating habits, washing, and sickness. It is our desire for every camper to remain safe and engaged in the program so as to have the best week possible.

Medical Care

We have a fully stocked infirmary on site with a registered nurse available at any time to the campers and staff.  During registration you will be required to give the camp nurse a “health update” on the camper(s) you are registering. All medications brought by campers, either prescription or over- the-counter drugs, must be turned over to the nurse at that time.  They will be kept locked and secured in the infirmary.  We will also do a head lice check at registration.  In the event of an emergency, there is a hospital nearby.

Food Services

Our menu follows Canada’s Food Guide, ensuring well balanced, nutritious meals. Campers gather with their cabin groups in the dining hall for meals three times daily (twice for Day Camp). All meals are served buffet style and are prepared and served by our cooking staff following Food Safe practices. We are a nut aware camp but are unable to guarantee a nut free camp due to the amount of people/campers that come on site.