Staff Reference Forms

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this personal reference form. Being on staff at Frontier Lodge is a very demanding job. It is an intensive summer ministry and it's important that our staff is growing in spiritual and emotional maturity, is caring, responsible, creative, and physically fit. Please help us to discern whether or not this applicant is suited for the conditions of our ministry. All comments are confidential. Your honest evaluation of the applicant's character and capabilities is greatly appreciated.

Reference Form

Staff Reference Form 2018

  • Next we'll ask you to rate the applicant on various criteria.

  • Appearance / Neatness * Required
  • Punctuality * Required
  • Reliability * Required
  • Honesty / Integrity * Required
  • Communication skills * Required
  • Attention to detail * Required
  • Adaptible * Required
  • Organized * Required
  • Quiet encourager * Required
  • Enthusiastic energy * Required
  • Peacemaker * Required
  • Respected by peers * Required
  • Able to work in a team * Required
  • Attitude towards authority * Required
  • Teachable * Required
  • Ability to lead activities * Required
  • Spiritual maturity * Required
  • Ability to lead devotional * Required
  • Love for children * Required
  • Fun * Required
  • Would you recommend this applicant for the position to which they applied? * Required

If you have any further questions about this reference form, or for any other inquiries, please contact us at or call us at 819-844-2277