Welcome to Frontier Lodge!

Programs at Frontier Lodge

We believe that summer camp is one of the most influential experiences in a young person’s life and we are so excited to get to be a part of the camp ministry that is happening in Quebec! We offer a wide range of programs for children, youth, young adults, and families throughout the summer. When we don’t have camps of our own, we host many school groups, and church groups who enjoy using our facility.

Stories of Impact...

When I actually ended up coming here my mind was just blown at the amazing community and all these young people coming together to serve. There's this attitude of wanting to follow God and serve Him and just love the kids. I find that's really inspiring.
Renée "Pippin" Cyr
Chapel Coordinator
I love Frontier Lodge so much because there are fun activities and there are wonderful people and counselors. It's a fun place to learn about God and His Creation!
Joshua Hayward
Waterfront was definitely one of my favourite times when I was a camper. I would race to be the first on the waterfront everyday, for every free time. Every moment I could spent in the water was the best. I couldn't wait for every opportunity I got to jump in, be thrown in, pushed in, just swimming with my friends. I could swim for hours on end because the lake is just so beautiful.
Anna "Squirt" Neelin
Day Camp Coordinator
I certainly notice at the end of the summer when my daughters have come home that they are looking out for the needs of other rather than for themselves.
Susan Huston
There's just something special about the community you find at Frontier Lodge.
Nate "Caesar" Heron
Overnight Program Coordinator
I began going to Frontier Lodge with my father at age four or five and I immediately fell in love with camp. The friends I've made, the countless stories I've told of camp, the connection to God and the fantastic service has changed my life and I would not be where I am now in knowledge, love and friendship without camp. Frontier Lodge is always going to hold a special place in my heart and I hope to serve there for as long as I can.
Kevin "Blue" Thompson
Cabin Leader