Want to Serve?

Why join our team?

Frontier Lodge is dedicated to developing leadership potential and fostering Christian discipleship through providing various opportunities to volunteer at camp during the summer.

Enjoy one of the most exciting places to invest a summer. It's a time of incredible growth as together we experience the power of Christ firsthand. It's also a time of countless changed lives as campers of all backgrounds will be introduced to the love of Christ, many for the very first time.

Exciting programs, endless activities, powerful music, challenging speakers and wild adventure, all combined with the love of Christ in action. Imagine serving side by side on a dynamic team united in vision and committed to Christ and to each other. Imagine a summer that will make an eternal difference in young lives, and in your own.


There are many service opportunities for individuals and groups throughout the summer. Each of these service opportunities fall under one of the ministry areas listed below.

Volunteer with our kitchen ministry
Kitchen Ministry

Our Kitchen Ministry happens right at the heart of camp – the kitchen! From preparing and serving meals (600+ meals a day), to doing the dishes, our Kitchen Ministry team is always buzzing. Serving in the kitchen will give you the opportunity to interact with all of the campers and staff while demonstrating the service of hospitality to all those who pass through.

Work Crew Ministry

Our Work Crew takes care of our day-to-day washing and upkeep of our facilities as camp strives to reach an excellent level of cleanliness all summer long. Serving on the work crew, you will be given the opportunity to explore and develop various skills in our maintenance shop, and you may even get to drive the lawn tractor. Some of our work crew also maintains the grounds, as well as working on building repairs and upgrades.

Volunteer with our work crew ministry
Volunteer with our residential camp ministry
Residential Camp Ministry

Our Residential Camp Ministry is the original ministry on which Frontier was founded. Taking in children from the Greater Eastern Township and Montreal areas, our overnight camp provides a place for campers to be loved and belong. Serving in our Residential Camp Ministry, staff will have the opportunity to directly impact the lives of campers with the love of Christ. Each day, Residential staff engage in various aspects of camp as they lead in Chapel, Cabin Devos, Campfire, Testimonies, as well as activities such as archery, sports, arts and crafts, music, waterfront, all while caring for the health and wellbeing of the campers.

Day Camp Ministry

Our Day Camp Ministry began in 2010 with only a few campers from the St-Herménégilde area. Now our Day Camp has grown to reach approximately 40-60 francophone children from the towns of Compton, Coaticook, and St-Herménégilde. Staff serving in our Day Camp Ministry can expect to be immersed in the French language all day long with campers and fellow staff members while sharing the grace and love of Christ with the children. Each day, Day Camp staff engage in various aspects of the Day Camp program including supervising bus transportation, leading in Chapel, Cabin Devos, Testimonies, as well as activities such as archery, sports, arts and crafts, music, waterfront and field trips.

Volunteer with our day camp ministry
Volunteer with our waterfront ministry
Waterfront Ministry

With our 2018 waterfront design and new water inflatables, our Waterfront Ministry is growing, and becoming more involved than ever! While spending the summer by the lake, waterfront staff and lifeguards, are responsible for the daily organization of waterfront equipment, routine cleaning, as well as the overall organization and supervision of campers during activities and free time.

Chapel Ministry

With a new focus being brought to our time of worship and teaching, a new ministry team is forming. From musicians, to sound and computer techs, our Chapel Ministry team will make our Chapel time happen each day. Those serving in this ministry will learn about the various aspects of putting together a service, as well as leading music and tech lessons to the campers.

Volunteer with our chapel ministry

Staff Training

Every year, we have a training program for our staff to be equipped and prepared to serve at camp. This year, we're changing the way we do training in a big way! 

Although everyone is welcome to participate in our training program, it will be mandatory for some positions. All Jr Counselors, Activity Instructors, Residential Sr Counselors, Residential coordinators, and other Sr positions must attend our training week that is scheduled from June 26th to June 30thAll Day Camp Counselors, and coordinators must attend our training sessions prior to the start of Day Camp (dates TBA). 

During these times, we will be going deeper into what it means to be a vessel for Christ and what that looks like in the camp context. We will have sessions that focus on how to share the Gospel with children, how to be intentional when interacting with campers and peers, and how to lead small groups. Other topics will include anxiety, child abuse prevention, and practical skills for being a FL staff member 


Available Positions

Below are brief descriptions of each position's responsibilities.
Further responsibilities will be explained during the interviewing 

*We hope to be able to compensate staff based on training, experience, age, position, and length of time served during the summer. 
**After camper bedtime, all staff will be required to either be in their cabin or at a scheduled activity (Bible Study, Worship Night, etc).  

How to apply

1. Fill out a registration form

The registration form covers some basic information about you along with your statement of faith and your job experience.

2. Find three references

Find three adults who know you well, and have them each fill out a reference form. We recommend asking your pastor, one of your youth group leaders, or a teacher. References from parents or other family members will be disregarded.

3. Await contact from directors

Applicants can expect to hear back from the Directors within 2 weeks of submitting an application form. Each applicant will be subject to an interview by phone or in person. Staff Applications will be accepted until March 1st. All applicants can expect final confirmation by March 15th.

4. Upon conditional acceptance

Potential staff will need to provide copies of certifications and driving records, their SIN, as well as undergo a background check before being accepted as summer staff.

Reference Forms

Application Forms