About Us

Frontier Lodge is a non-denominational Christian youth camp located just two hours outside of Montreal. Situated on the northeast side of Lake Wallace, the camp overlooks a beautiful view of the lake and mountains. It’s the perfect place to watch the fog lift in the morning, campers hanging out by the lake under the heat of the afternoon sun, and the vibrant sunset in the evening.

Around the world, countless lives have been changed by summer camp, and we believe that each child should have the opportunity to attend at least once in their life! Camp is a place for young people to take break from busy schedules and pressing demands; it’s a place that allows them to focus on their personal learning and growth.

Campers at Frontier Lodge learn resilience when their plans don’t succeed. They’re encouraged to get back up and try again. They feel more confident, having tried new things and learned new skills. Campers will learn about friendship; gaining a better understanding of unity, empathy, compassion, compromise and learning how to lovingly disagree.

Frontier Lodge is a place for letting loose and having fun, and it’s also a place where children will hear the Gospel message in a way to which they can relate and discuss the implications it has in their lives. It’s a place where children will be valued, listened to, encouraged and loved beyond measure. By the end of the week they won’t want to leave!

Our Mission

To provide a secure environment that encourages meaningful experiences for young people,
cultivating in them a deep sense of identity, belonging, and purpose,
as they develop a better understanding of who they were created and saved to be.

Our History

With its roots in the Brethren Assemblies, Frontier Lodge was started as a Christian Youth Camp in 1936. Camp was initially set up on a rented facility in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Under the direction of Dr. Arthur Hill, the first counselors and campers laid the foundation for the 84 years of ongoing ministry to the young people of Quebec. In 1946, Frontier Lodge moved to it’s permanent home on the shores of Lake Wallace, where it has remained to this day, growing and developing as the Lord leads.

Frontier Lodge Staff

General Directors
Richard Cameron & Patricia Mosher

Previous to Frontier Lodge I (Rich) had been working supervising tree-planting camps for thirteen years in northern BC while Trish was working in the office of her family business that was built on farming and trucking the past 14 years. Though we enjoyed our jobs, we felt it was time to leave. Wanting to do something together, we were just unsure as to what that would be.

It was in the Spring of 2016 that the opportunity came for Frontier Lodge. Recognizing how our gifts can be used at camp in service to the Lord, we are excited to be used in what the Lord is doing through FL. Trish and I are hoping to continue providing an environment where campers and staff feel safe and experience a sense of belonging in a fun, vibrant atmosphere, as they discover who they were created and saved to be. We believe God has a reason for bringing all of us together, and we look forward to how God is going to work in all our lives and shape them this summer. We all bring different gifts and abilities. We hope we all recognize that in each other so we can work together in serving the Lord.

Assistant Director
Jennifer Canzani

After coming to camp every summer since I was 7 years old, like many others, Frontier Lodge has become my home away from home. I’ve had the opportunity to transition from camper to staff member, seeing and experiencing the Lord at work first hand, in all aspects of camp life. After serving as Ministry Administrator at Westview Bible Church (Pierrefonds, QC) for a year and a half, I was presented with an exciting opportunity at camp. In May 2017, I began a new position with Rich and Trish as their Year-Round Assistant Director.

My husband, Ben, and I met while both serving as camp staff in our teen & college years. We recently had the special privilege of getting married right here at Frontier Lodge during the 2019 summer season! 

We know that there’s no place quite like a summer camp, that enables the unique growing and stretching that happens in the removed environment. My hope is that Frontier Lodge will help shape leaders who will reflect who Christ is and the scandalous grace He has shown us, so that anyone we connect with, whether at camp or away from camp, will experience the overwhelming love of Christ and a deep sense of worth and belonging.

Board of Directors

Jonathan Stymiest

Board Chair

Westview Bible Church

Peter Brereton

Assistant Board Chair

Bethel Community Church

Cathy Hortop


Hope Community Church

Ronald Drew

Hope Community Church

Brent Cullen

Bethel Community Church

Fiona Chandler

Bethel Community Church

Andy Smits

Bethel Community Church

Ron Trickey

Bethel Community Church