Packing List

We are so excited for your child to be joining us this summer! As you prepare for this big adventure, we invite you to consider the items we have on our packing list. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is everything necessary. You know your child best, so please adjust this list accordingly to your child’s needs. To assist you in your preparations, our dress code is listed below.

It is highly suggested for all clothing/belongings to be labelled with the child’s full name (please use permanent marker, or fabric labels). We are not responsible for any belongings that are lost. We will try our best to locate lost items, but we cannot promise to find anything that is not labelled correctly.

Don't bring valuable items such as jewelry that will devastate your child if lost or broken. We have zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol. Don't bring anything that may contain any kind of nut. No knives or other weapons, fireworks, lighters, zippos, matches or anything that will ignite are allowed.
Check items off the lists as you pack them to keep yourself organized!
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