James Wilson

Whenever James served, he did so reliably, selflessly and devotedly. He went above and beyond the call of duty. One of James’ favourite places to be was at Frontier Lodge. Here, he probably learned and grew more than in any other place. Frontier is an environment that encourages love, acceptance, caring, learning, friendship, and communion with God and fellow Christians.

It’s our hope that James’s memory and legacy will live on at Frontier for many years to come. We hope that the life that James lived will continue to have a positive impact on those who devote themselves to the work here, and that lives will continue to be changed and blessed through the work at Frontier Lodge.

James was probably one of the most loyal and faithful of friends. He was a good listener, and an encourager. He loved music, nature (especially the starry skies at Frontier Lodge), friends, and his family. Most importantly, however, James loved Jesus. He lived a life of faith and love by his actions to the very end, persevering through great suffering and distress.